Installation Service





Committed to custom services and perfect solutions for all market needs


Integrate product information of customers to our Cloud Platform

Site Survey

Open API for ERP system, and set up project for each customize solution

ERP Integration

Provide online and offline training to system administrators


A complete set of installation and test, including base station, ESLs, and accessories

Install & Pre-run

Shop Management
Data interfacing
Staff account
Marketing management
Product binding management
Permission settings
Facillities Management
Data upgrading
Task management
Equipment Scheduling
People-goods interaction
Tool Management
Monitoring and warning
Marketing assistance
Product binding management
Application Solution
Smart pricing
Passenger flow monitor

 Superior system










- Support unlimited accounts on the same server

- Computing capacity can be infinitely superimposed through server expansion

- Reduce the cost of software

Comes with a template editor

- Cloud-based templates, browser operation

- Visual and free editing, real-time preview

- huge template library, unlimited fonts, multi-language text

- Flexible triggering

Unlimited expansion


- Integrated a variety of intelligent devices such as EPD, LCD with one system

- Billions of information processing

- A single system supports millions of electronic shelf labels

Flexible deloyment

- Flexible options for SaaS public, private and local deployments

- Support globally distributed deployment and cluster deployment

Interface open

- 200+ API interfaces (the most open interface)

- Support different types of ERP, API and customized development with specific needs


- Supports Windows / Mac OS / Android / iOS and many other major system

- Built on a wide area network with global reach

Date security

- Data storage records in the cloud

- Professional AES 128-bit encryption in the cloud

- Automatic detection and early warning mechanism

Second develop

- Secondary development gives new features to software and hardware

- Private server build

- APP/mini app development