No more paper



Eliminate the costs and labour associated with printing and managing paper price tickets, tags and promotional signs by going digital.


Automatic price changes



Instant and accurate price and promotional updates at the shelf-edge give retailers ultimate flexibility on everything from flash sales to competitor price-matching.

Retail marketing campaigns can now be successfully deployed at the switch of a button.

Cloud wifi management



The system overviews products and price to maintain a live, accurate planogram.


System can plan product layouts and promotional activity digitally.Store staff get help from the digital shelf edge to put stock in the right place and verify it meets plan.


Accurate prices and promotions are automatically delivered to the right places through the digital shelf edge.From then on, it’s easy to find products in-store, and access up to date stock information at the shelf edge.

Compared with other traditional LCD screens, it can be customised according to the sizes of the shelf, with high definition high luminous efficiency and high colour saturation and ultra thin for branding or advertising on various shelves as well as price tags and information display on the edge of a shelf.


Content upload and management this product allows offers and promotions to be displayed instantly over multiple locations.

Why pick digital signage?

33% Growth in repeat buyers

32% Upswing in overall sales volume

33% Generates 33% more in-store traffic