EATACCN Commercial Displays Deliver Reliable Advertising for International Duty-Free Shop


La Riviera is a retail chain owned by Grupo Wisa, a family-oriented corporation founded more than 50 years ago that specializes in the distribution and sale of world-class brands for the Latin American market. A network of exclusive avant-garde and glamour shops in the area of beauty and perfumery, La Riviera first opened its doors in Panama in 2005 and has now over 60 outlets throughout South and Central America. The newest store opened in 2015 at the Melancía Mall & duty-free shops in Rivera, Uruguay, located on the northern border of Uruguay and the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.




Design a radial layout within a large retail space that enabled visibility for all sections.

Include enticing advertising capabilities for each section to attract the attention of prospective customers and increase the flow of the public into the shop.


EATACCN CDE4200-L and CDE3200-L commercial displays installed on shelves and in isles to display multimedia advertising and promotional content.


Messages are conveyed in a more modern, efficient and eye-catching manner

The store is able to offer its brands a greater range of advertising and promotional options

Client has peace-of-mind due to commercial-quality equipment and strong sales rep and EATACCN brand support



I opted for providing a monitor that would not generate trouble and would be backed by the EATACCN guarantee. For us it was very important that EATACCN could offer such support.




A one-of-a-kind 33,000 square-meter project featuring 60 businesses from the main brands operating in Uruguay, including restaurants, lounges, and leisure and entertainment venues for the entire family, the Melancía Mall & duty-free shops generates substantial competition among the duty-free shops in the mall. The La Riviera duty-free shops at the Melancía Mall represents one of the largest existing duty-free locations, with a total area of 4,200 square meters. This size, along with intense competition, combined to create the need to develop a space that would be sufficiently wide to house the merchandise but would not lose the human scale and overwhelm customers.


At the architectural level, said architect Michael Tyler, of JCO, the firm in charge of project development, the challenge was to develop a space wide enough to allow for full view of the facility without minimizing the importance of any one section and allowing for logical linkage of the different areas.


We were aiming at building a facility that would neither be rambling nor look like a labyrinth and where people could have a global view upon entering,said Tyler. We aimed for a radial layout without a differentiated access where all the sectors would have the same level of importance.


In addition to the layout challenges, a primary project goal was to attract and generate a flow of customers into the shop through publicity and special offers that could be seen from afar and, particularly, that would engage attention in a way that would result in people spending more time inside the store.



In previous stores of this type, said Tyler, the typical practice had been to place advertising on a back-lit board with a still image. His firm recommended that this La Riviera store put LED displays in place of static posters, enabling them to display publicity for any brand in the store, at any time.


In other words,he said, it wont be just a still image with a model, but a spot covering each one of the brands.


To achieve this dynamic ability, JCO selected EATACCN commercial displays, purchasing fourteen CDE4200-L 42-inch Full HD LED displays and thirty-four CDE3200-L 32-inch Full HD LED displays to be used on shelving units and in aisles. Each display would then be provided content to scroll through advertising and promotions for the brands found in each section.


Tyler said that the firm chose the EATACCN displays based on several factors. First and foremost was that they were professional-quality, with the ability to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and were backed by EATACCNs reputation for durability and reliability with a guaranteed product warranty. The ability to change content using a single device, by connecting a USB flash drive with the desired content, either directly or remotely, and the affordable price-point were other important considerations.


We chose, with the support of EATACCN, very good displays with an important feature, that is to say, the reliability to work 24/7. I opted for providing La Riviera a monitor that would not generate trouble and would be backed by the EATACCN guarantee,said Mr. Tyler. For us, it was very important that EATACCN could offer such support.



According to Tyler, exchanging static signs for dynamic devices has been very successful for the store. At the global level, he said, the concept of using multimedia fits with the other modern elements inside the shop. In terms of generating traffic, the ability to display videos makes ads more eye-catching and attracts more people into the store, then increases the possibility of higher sales with the ability to easily and regularly change out promotions and ads. In addition, he said, the displays increase the stores ability to generate additional advertising revenue and meet the needs of their in-store brands.


The use of the displays inside the shop allows clients to introduce new publicity or increase their existing advertising,said Tyler. Now, what is being advertised starts to be like on-the-air time and instead of having an arrangement with one single brand or provider, new arrangements with providers can be entered into, thus allowing for a new way of advertising and, in turn, promoting minute after minute of special offers within the store.


In terms of functionality, Tyler concluded, the EATACCN displays fully meet the stores needs and operate as expected. In fact, based on their success in all respects, La Rivera has ordered another six CDE3200-L displays to install upon their arrival.