Estée Lauder ESL project



The main concern of Estée Lauder Company is always the need to constantly change the products that offer new and very good quality, as well as offering them at a good price.
Customers has the opportunity to come and try products before purchase is an key reason for Estée Lauder to upgrade their physical stores, and the shelf edge is the most powerful sales influencer - it is here that the majority of purchase decisions are made, so ensuring that prices are the same online and on the shelves of physical shops can be a challenge, the staff would spend many hours changing the prices and making sure they are correct and that there are no discrepancies. But all of those problems would become unnecessary having ESL solution.



Electronic shelf labels always play an important role in creating a personalized and engaging customer experience.
1.With electronic shelf labels, Estee Lauder move towards a more enjoyable in-store environment through a cleaner, more orderly display management.
2.More interactive functions to provide a better shopping experience - for example, allowing shoppers to scan the QR code with their mobile phone and order products on the online shop.

electronic shelf labels make it easier for Estee Lauder to change prices easily anywhere in seconds and ensure that the prices online and at the shelves in a physical store match.

1. Real-time accurate price changing to offer more possibilities for frequent campaigns.
2. Enhancing the overall image of the stores and brand, improve brand value!
3. No manual and costly tasks by replacing paper shelf edges, giving staff more time for sale and service.