Public GR ESL project



Public is the largest Greek chain of stores for technology and entertainment products. It is a creative vision that was born in 2005 and has changed the data in the retail market.



Public gr. has focused on creating a unified and consistent service experience from the very beginning, investing early on in digital stores and utilizing the most modern structures and technological tools.




Last month, We teamed up with our Greece partner to deliver the first official Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution deployment at Public’s flagship store in the Golden Hall of Greece.

This new store covers 3,200 ㎡ and extends to 3 levels, expanding the range of options and hosting more than 50,000 product codes for the whole store. With our fabulous high-contrast electronic shelf labels and unique system, the physical markets and e-commerce “combined" harmoniously, confirming Public's position as a leading omnichannel retailer.