WIND Hellas ESL Project



WIND Hellas is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Greece which established in 1992. It serves more than 4.5 million customers, and has continuously invested in technology, providing complete mobile, fixed, internet and pay-TV solutions to the global customers.




The customer experience is the strategic priority for WIND at all levels and in each individual activity at all points of contact, and WIND retail stores play an important role in improving customer’s 360° experience.

One of WIND’s values is “adapt quickly and effectively to market challenges”. Not only are telecommunication products changing, but so are the modes of selling in recent years.

Therefore, keeping information in stores in sync with the online website and creating an attractive environment of retail stores are what WIND concerns.







The smart signage informs consumers various features of products, such as mobile phone size and mobile phone storage, encouraging consumers to explore products on their own.

Moreover, customers could order goods directly by scanning the QR codes on the ESL, making their payments possible to take place in anywhere and anytime.

Finally, ESL raises management efficiency of the entire store, freeing store workers’ hands from refreshing prices manually.