Chain stores pricing control




Each shop has a specific context with regard to local market, local competition, temporary stock-outs or overstocks, etc. Pricing decisions must take into account this local or regional context each day to maximize the store’s sales and profitability. Analysis of internal & external data makes it possible to decide on shrewdly targeted price changes each day that are implemented rapidly, at no cost thanks to the smart tag digital solution. This approach leads to improved margins and sales, while optimizing the price index.

Flexible price management



Flexible Solution for Digital Labels
With the battery-powered electronic shelf labels, you’re able to remain even more flexible within the area of digital signage. Seven different label sizes and an extensive range of fasteners are available. This enables use in all possible areas.

Meaning of Electronic Shelf Labels
Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL labels, eLabels) are shelf labels specifically designed for digital signage. Typical areas of application include product pricing, signage on buildings, shelving space and throughout the production processes. The transfer of data to the Electronic Shelf Label takes place within a few seconds via WLAN..


content upload and management this product allows offers and promotions to be displayed instantly over multiple locations.

Why install the ESL?