Our experience and Cases

As the leading electronic shelf label supplier, EATACCN Solutions has demonstrated its know-how to retailers. With more than ten years experience in retail pricing and management, we have met the needs of key stores highlighted in these client use cases.



  • L'ORÉAL applied an Intelligent Hair Styling solution from EATACCN

    In cosmetic industry, digital signage has also been widely used for boosting sales and improving influence. Recently, L'ORÉAL has brought out a brand new Intelligent Hair Styling solution in its high-end retail-stores in China, which enables customers use a big screen android tablet to design their hair style before getting their hair cut. After first shown at the beginning of this August, the service has turned out be a huge success.

    51 2022-05-24
  • Shell Oil Expanding Successful Signage Installation to 600 Stores Throughout Brazil

    Following a boom in convenience stores in Brazil it was important for Shell’s in-store experience to set them apart of the competition. Shell wanted to stand out from the growing competition by switching to eye-catching digital displays. Three screens per store show centrally managed core content as well as local promotions and menu items. Because of the digital signage Shell saw an uptick in sales, particularly in sandwiches shown on the screens.

    34 2022-05-24
  • EATACCN Commercial Displays Deliver Reliable Advertising for International Duty-Free Shop

    I opted for providing a monitor that would not generate trouble and would be backed by the EATACCN guarantee. For us it was very important that EATACCN could offer such support.

    15 2022-05-24
  • Baby Bunting delivers enhanced digital experience for customers.

    Baby goods retailer to deliver engaging content and experiences to customers at every stage of the journey.

    7 2022-05-24
  • TRUE Thailand Selects EATACCN ESLs

    True Corporation, the first pioneer to revolutionize total communications in Thailand , Now it has became one of Thailand's largest providers of telecommunications services.

    28 2022-03-28