Modern solutions at an edge shelf



Customers expect a modern and digital-first experience. Which is why we have created an affordable solution with QSR-specific pricing so you can replicate this experience across all of your locations.



And with proven ROI on every digital menu screen, you no longer have to worry about printing costs every time you need to make a change.



Easily set up your digital menu boards with Cloud using our purpose-built model for franchises. ScreenCloud gives you the flexibility to organize, manage and even pay for screens by location.



Manage your customer experiences centrally and standardize tools across locations as you grow, streamlining your business operations at scale.



EATACCN has a flexible Users & Teams structure that allows for central asset control, with local input possible for franchise owners or specific territories – giving you the flexibility you need to expand.



Our hardware compatibility to work with the screens you already have, or any you might buy. And with our API, you can also build whatever custom integrations you need as you grow.




Compared with other traditional LCD screens, it can be customised according to the sizes of the shelf, with high definition high luminous efficiency and high colour saturation and ultra thin for branding or advertising on various shelves as well as price tags and information display on the edge of a shelf.


content upload and management this product allows offers and promotions to be displayed instantly over multiple locations.



Elevate and modernize your brand with consistent in-location experiences that lead to repeat business by centralizing promotion management and dynamic screen content.



Get started with one of our best-practice digital menu templates with the CMS, or incorporate your own designs and build branded templates within your own management system and replace your outdated printed material.

Why pick digital signage?

33% Growth in repeat buyers

32% Upswing in overall sales volume

33% Generates 33% more in-store traffic